Underwear night

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Underwear night

 Recently I posted my first experience story so I decided to write the next.

While awaiting a /bus/">bus on Charleston Ave. in Vegas I decided to go across the street for a beer. Just having about 20 minutes I planned to make this a quick beer break.

Entering the bar there was someone at the door. At first I thought he was receiving cover charges and just having a few minutes to spare, I was about to turn around.

He called me back and asked why I free porn movies download was leaving? When I told him I was only going to be there for a few minutes and didn't wish to pay a cover he then explained to me /underwear/">underwear night.

I was told no cover and free drinks if you strip to your underwear. At first I was reluctant cause I wear panties, frills and all. Very fem stuff.

Looking in I saw two ladies sitting close at the bar and the bar was full. I stripped only wearing shoes and pink lacy see-thru panties.

Though I had previously had a tremendous gay experience, this night I had thoughts of a woman. I was new at alternative lifestyles and with only one gay experience at this point, I still felt as though I was bi-sexual.

I sat next to the two ladies, the only seat left in the bar. They both commented on my panties. Looking around the bar I noticed only guys and only I was stripped. The bartender than explained that under night had just began and soon most everyone would strip.

The two ladies left and immediately a guy in bikini underwear sat next to me and was very trashed. He introduced himself and ordered a drink. Before his drink arrived his hand was on my thigh slowly making it's was to my panties causing an immediate /erection/">erection.

Obviously I missed my bus and was enjoying the attention around the bar cause there were no tables available and I was sitting close to the door. As guys standing would order from the bar the would get a feel through my panties which barely concelled my 8" cock that had definitely risen to attention.

About 2:00 in the A.M. they announced a buns and buldge contest. The bartender whom I had now befriended explained that you went to a small stage in the middle of the bar in the back. In your underwear (my case panties) you did a little dance and flashed your /ass/nude-ass/">nude ass to the crowd of well over 200.

My /friend/new-friend/">new friend the bartender along with my other new friends sitting around me basically insisted I joined the other exhibionists. Eight of us had the nerve to strut our stuff on stage.

Of the eight I was the sixth in line. I have a /fetish/">fetish for underwear and watching these guys on stage was quite a turn-on. Of the six before me 4 completely stripped and the cheers grew quite louder.

Shortly before I went to full hd xvideo download the stage one of my new friends brought me a drink with straight alcohol to help sooth my stage.

Once on the stage in my pink lacy panties I was an immediate hit. The cheers, the whistles was quite a turn-on though I'm certain everyone else received the same attention. With the loud attention and knowing I had the attention of well over 200 sets of eyes this became an incredible turn-on.

Than I began to get shouts to take it off. By now I'm certain I had been on the stage/runway much longer than the others though no-one seemed to care and the shouts just became louder.

I danced down the runway knowing I must strip the panties. By now it seemed as if everything was in slow motion. With the cheering, the chanting and looking out at wall to wall people knowing my nearly nude body was the focus the panties went down.

The cheering became louder and louder and those close to the stage/runway began putting their hand out for me to touch as I danced. The lights, the music, the loud cheers and the smiles on the audience caused my excitement to migrate to my exposed cock which now grew by the second.

I became quite hard and the cheering became even louder. My confidence continued to increase till I then started going very close to people so I could be touched and fondled. Then security came and basically though very politely had me end my show.

I left the stage on the other end from where my panties lye. I had to navigate through the crowd in order to retrieve my panties, the only scarce bit of clothing I had. This thirty foot excursion took nearly 30 minutes with hands everywhere on my naked body.

At about 4:00 in the A.M. I dressed and left with five other guys and went to ones condo. The alcohol still poured and the instistance of another strip show began.

This extremely intimate show started with me fully clothed and slowly shed articles in a very slow and sexy fashion. Once back only in sheer pink panties I started with the guy to my far left. With the slow music playing softly I stripped him to his underwear showing a sexy buldge covering a very /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick.

I proceeded to strip all five to their underwear and did uncover another with /panties/sexy-panties/">sexy panties.

My next pass to each had me removing their underwear and giving a blow-job to each till they were about to cum. The owner of the condo departed and returned shortly with condoms and lube.

He made numbers that were drawn and when your number came up they had a choice to receive a 2 minute blow job, screw me in the ass or get screwed in the ass.

Of the five only one took the blow job while the others had their way with my tight bum. The /climax/">climax of the night truly was a climax. I had cum not only filling my mouth, all over my face and in my hair. The property owner than finished me off with about what seemed like a 2 second blow job.

Being so excited and hard for the last several hours his mouth was filled upon nearly just a touch.