Almost caught12

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Almost caught12

Heather felt a tingle of excitement run through her body as she looked over the items arranged neatly on her bed. Firstly there was the clothing. From an adult store in the city she had purchased a French Maids outfit, short, black and lacy and, for added fun, it would expose her delightfully pert breasts. To enhance the look she had stockings and a suspender belt, high, stiletto heeled shoes and, to top it all off, a wide leather collar and a rubber ball gag. Beside the clothes were a number of lengths of rope and a pair of leather hand cuffs incorporating a cleaver timer device that would release the cuffs once reaching zero. The final item, purchased mail order after a long search on the internet, was also the most extreme. A belt device connected a vibrating butt plug, a large vibrator and a clitoral stimulator. Once fastened, the belt would hold all three items firmly in position.

She stripped from her ordinary clothes and began to get ready, firstly applying her make up, ruby red lipstick and dark mascara, accentuating her already long lashes. She tied her hair in bunches and began to dress, all the while imagining what was about to come. Once finished, she examined herself in her full length mirror. The sight surpassed her wildest expectations. The sky high heels made her stocking clad legs look even longer and firmer. The lace tops of the stockings were just visible below the black lace dress, which clung to her body, finishing just below her pert round bottom. Her breasts were exposed from the top of the outfit, nipples hard with arousal. She lowered her head, big brown eyes looking up in a pose that was every inch the /submissive/">submissive slut. Running her hands down her body, she played with her uncovered breasts, teasing her nipples and making them even harder. 

Her hands moved lower, over her flat stomach and between her legs. Obviously she wore no /underwear/">underwear, so her fingers slipped easily into her warm, /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. A low moan escaped her lips as she removed her fingers, slick with cum, licked them clean and picked up the vibrator belt. Taking the butt plug, she ran it slowly between her pussy lips, enjoying the delectable feeling and ensuring the toy was well and truly soaked. Then she spread her legs further and placed the plug at the entrance to her arse. Applying a slight pressure she felt her hole spread to accommodate the point of the plug. Slowly she forced it inside herself until, past the plugs widest point, where she felt she could not stretch and further, it slipped fully inside and held in place. Beads of sweat had appeared on her forehead during her exertion and she wiped them away before grasping the vibrator. She gasped in pleasure as it slid deliciously between her /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-soaked-pussy/">cum soaked pussy lips until it filled her completely. 

Finally she began fastening the belt, positioning the small vibrating bead directly over her engorged clit before securing the belt firmly in place. She rose slowly from her bended position, gasping at the xxx strange, but certainly not unpleasant feeling of having both her holes tightly filled. After composing herself slightly she bent again, taking the first length of rope and securely fastening her ankles together. The second rope went around her legs just above her calves and the third above her knees, pushing her thighs together and forcing the vibrator and butt plug further inside. She stood and tested the bonds. Her lower half was completely immobile. At best she could wiggle her toes and just about get around the room with a comical hopping motion. The next item in her self bondage was the ball gag. She opened her mouth wide and placed the ball between her ruby red lips before fastening it behind her head. The rubber felt strange in her mouth, forcing her already heavy breathing through her nose and making it sound even more laboured and urgent.

With further hopping she then placed herself directly below a loop of rope that had been previously tied to the ceiling beam.

This is it! she thought to herself as she snapped the cuffs to one wrist, setting the timer for two hours. With the final movement of her free hand she reached to the belt around her waist, flicking the switch which activated the three /toys/">toys and sent delicious vibrations coursing through her entire body. Then, without hesitating, she reached both hands high above her head, slipped the cuffs through the looped rope and, with a final click, secured the handcuff around her free wrist. She pulled at the bindings, testing their strength, but they held firm. She wouldnt be moving much until that timer reached zero. Her thoughts returned to the delightful vibrations between her legs. Already her whole body tingled with arousal. Her pussy ached with desire, cum running freely from her cunt lips and soaking her thighs. The /climax/">climax built inside her until her whole body was aflame. However, the vibrations between her legs were not forceful enough. By mistake she had set the devices to too low a setting and so could not find a release. She struggled as much as she could in her bonds, trying to get more feeling from the toys inside her. By now she was moaning heavily, perspiration covering her entire body, her legs shaking and only just able to support her weight, but still the orgasm eluded her. Heather glanced up at the timer, reading 1 hr 45 min. She couldnt believe it, shed been in this state for just fifteen minutes but felt she could hardly take any more teasing. Her moaning increased through the ball gag until, suddenly, she heard a noise, talking in the corridor directly outside her room. The voices were distinctly male and she recognised one as the voice of her flatmate.

Shit! she thought to herself. They were all supposed to be out playing football for hours yet.

Heather! her flatmate shouted. Are you in? Her heart skipped a beat.

Oh God! He cant find me like this! she thought. She looked across the room at the reflection in the full length mirror. What a sight! There she was, securely bound and gagged, dressed as a slutty French Maid. Her breasts were exposed, nipples erect with desire. In fact, you didnt need to look at her breasts to see she was aroused. Her own cum glistened wetly on her bound thighs. Her dress had ridden up, revealing the vibrator slid deeply into her stretched pussy lips. A thin trail of saliva had escaped from her gagged mouth and was slowly running down her neck and over her exposed chest. She struggled madly in her bindings, panicking, shaking her head and pulling at the ropes. Her fruitless attempts at gaining freedom were halted as she heard the unmistakable sound of her door handle being slowly tuned. She re-doubled her efforts.

Oh, please tell me I wasnt stupid enough to leave the door unlocked, she thought. The handle continued to turn as she fought madly at her restraints. She heard him push the door but the lock held firm. She breathed a sigh of relief. By now, sweat was running down her body and her heart was beating rapidly. What would have happened if she had been discovered? She ran through the scenario in her head. What would her flatmate, and God knows how many of his friends, done if they had seen her like this. Disgusted at herself, she realised the more she thought about it, the more the though of being discovered turned her on. In fact, it was enough to push her over the edge. The climax began in her pussy but spread through her entire body. Her moans of pleasure increased in volume and she pulled at her bindings again, this time in uncontrollable passion. Wave upon wave of orgasm hit her, longer and more powerful than anything she had felt before. Her legs buckled beneath her but she caught herself by her bound wrists.

Oh my God! she thought to herself. That was incredible! However, it was only just beginning. The vibrations between her legs, of course, continued, stimulating her sensitive clitoris. Almost instantly the second orgasm was building inside her.

Ohhh... God... Immm... cummming... again! she cried through the gag as the second wave hit her almost as powerfully as the first. But still the vibrations continued. Wave upon wave of orgasm hit her with not even enough time to catch her breath. Her whole body was shaking and shuddering uncontrollably. The belt strap between her legs was soaked, cum running freely down her legs and pooling at her /feet/">feet. Sweat and saliva ran between her breasts and her dress clung to her, sticky with perspiration. Through the haze of orgasms she looked at the timer; it read 1 hr 05 min.

Still over an hour to go! she managed to think in the tiny gaps between the almost continuous orgasms.

Help me! she cried out through the gag. I cant take it any more! But her muffled moans could not be heard outside her room. The gag forced her to suck in air through her nose and her breathing was becoming more and more laboured. Tears ran down her cheeks as her vision began to blur and it all became too much for her as she was plunged into unconsciousness.

Heather awoke and found herself lying on the floor. She tried to rise but her bound legs prevented this. After a while she managed to untie herself and spread her legs. The toys were still in position, sticky with cum and sweat. Slowly and carefully she removed each one, her cunt almost painfully sensitive. Once the belt was removed she collapsed, exhausted, on the bed, still dressed up. Almost immediately she fell asleep, vowing to never to that to herself again but dreaming porn videos download of what might have happened if she hadnt locked that door.